Radiation Protection Clothing | UV Protection Clothing | Car Racing Clothing

Nuclear Radiation Protection Clothing:
In nuclear plants, Officers and workers have to work regularly. Those are working at and near the source of radioactive raw materials are prone to frequent exposure to beta, alpha, and Gama radiations. Radiation protection is too much necessary for X-ray professionals and workers in cancer treatment centers and also other places subject to ionizing radiation. 
Nuclear radiation protective clothing
Fig: Nuclear radiation protective clothing
An important purpose of most radiation protection programs at nuclear facilities is the protection of workers and officers from radioactive contamination while handling radioactive materials or working in radioactively contaminated environments. Protective textiles or clothing is extensively used to protect officers and workers from the contamination.

UV Protective Finish for Textiles:
The main object of the ultraviolet protective finish is to reduce a person's UVR exposure. Electromagnetic radiations of wavelength between 150 and 400nm are known as Ultraviolet rays. About, 10% of the sun’s energy is in the form of ultraviolet radiations. Most of the noxious radiations absorb atmosphere which is emitted by the sun. Among those, only 5% of the harmful radiations reach to the surface of the earth. Ultra-violate soaks up phenyl benzotriazole and Benzotriazole are able to absorb the damaging ultra-violate rays of sunlight. Ultra-violate absorbers convert ultraviolet energy into harmless heat energy. The ultra-violate blocking capacity of a fiber can be improved by incorporating TiO2 into its structure. 
UV protection clothing
Fig: UV protection clothing
Race Car Driver Protective Clothing:
The special type of clothing is needed for the racing drivers. The blend of glass fiber and wool fiber are used to spin the yarn and the yarn is used to weave the fabric of special construction and then the fabric is used for making the clothing.
To spin the yarn beta-glass fiber is blended with wool fibers. Then the blended yarn and pure woolen yarn is twisted together to produce the plied yarn. During weaving, one blended ply yarn and one woolen yarn is arranged alternately in both warp and weft direction to produce 2/2 twill fabric. 
Racing car driver protective clothing
Fig: Racing car driver protective clothing
Racing suits and apparel made of Nomex fiber. This type of clothing or apparel helps to play a central role in providing the valuable seconds racing professionals needed to escape fires which result from both pit accidents and on-track collisions. It should be noted here that, this protection is long-lasting, whether it is found in protective suits, socks, underwear, and gloves. The exceptional flame-resistance provided by Nomex fiber cannot be worn away or washed out.

The last thing racing professionals want to think about the effectiveness of their flame-resistant protection when they are speeding around the track at 200 MPH. They just want to know that it will keep them safe from all the harms in case an accident happens. That is why 95% of racers around the world wear suits and apparel which is made by Nomex.

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