List of Machines Used in Knit Composite Dyeing and Apparel Factory

What is Knit Composite Factory in Textile and Apparel Industry?

Knit composite means the whole process from yarn dyeing to fully knitted readymade garments which is ready to send to the buyer. There are various stages and processes involved in a knit composite factory including yarn dyeing, knitting, fabric dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery, apparel manufacturing etc. This article has presented the entire machinery lists which are used in a knit composite factory.
Knit composite factory machinery list
Fig: Knit composite factory machinery list
Knit Composite Process List:

A knit composite factory has the below process sections in textile industry:
  1. Yarn dyeing section,
  2. Knitting section,
  3. Knit fabrics dyeing,
  4. Dyeing finishing,
  5. Washing section,
  6. Allover print section,
  7. Screen printing section,
  8. Embroidery section,
  9. Knit garments cutting section,
  10. Knit garments sewing section,
  11. Knit garments finishing section,
  12. Factory utility section.

Dyeing Section:

The process by which a textile material is changed physically or chemically so that it looks mono uniform colored is called dyeing in textile industry. According to textile materials, there are mainly three types of dyeing machines used in wet processing technology like fiber dyeing machine, yarn dyeing machine and fabric dyeing machine.

Types of Yarn Dyeing Machine:

A. Hank Form:
It includes-
  • Pulsatur hank dyeing machine,
  • Hussong hank dyeing machine,
  • Clauder Weldon hank dyeing machine,
  • G.H.S. hank dyeing machine.
B. Package Form:
It includes-
  1. Cheese dyeing machine,
  2. Cop dyeing machine,
  3. Warp dyeing machine.
1. Cop Dyeing Machine List:
It includes-
  • Long close cop dyeing machine,
  • Mather and platt cop dyeing machine,
  • Beaumont cop dyeing machine.
2. Cheese Dyeing Machine List:
It includes-
  • Franklin cheese dyeing machine,
  • Ober maier cheese dyeing machine,
  • Krantz cheese dyeing machine.
3. Warp Dyeing Machine List:
It includes-
  • Ball warp dyeing machine,
  • Zittau warp dyeing machine,
  • Chain warp dyeing machine.

Types of Fabric Dyeing Machine:

It includes-
  1. Jigger dyeing machine,
  2. Jet dyeing machine,
  3. Beam dyeing machine,
  4. High temperature winch dyeing machine,
  5. Pad/padding mangle dyeing machine,
  6. Winch dyeing machine,
  7. Solvent dyeing machine,
  8. Molter metal stand fast dyeing machine.

Knitting Section:

The process in which fabrics are produced by a set of connected loops from a series of yarn in weft or warp direction is termed as knitting. Knitting process has classified into two like warp knitting and weft knitting.

Types of Knitting Machine:

It includes-
  1. Circular knitting machine,
  2. V-bed knitting machine,
  3. Mechanical Interlock circular knitting machine,
  4. Electronic Interlock circular knitting machine,
  5. Rib circular knitting machine,
  6. Interlock circular knitting machine,
  7. V- Bed automatic knitting machine,
  8. Tricot warp knitting machine,
  9. Automatic socks knitting machine,
  10. Straight bar frame knitting machine,
  11. Jacquard circular knitting machine,
  12. Coller Cuff V- bed automatic knitting machine,
  13. Linking machine,
  14. Rachel warp knitting machine,
  15. Hand socks knitting machine.

Printing Section:

Priming is one type of dyeing. When various types of color used to make a particular design on the textile goods is termed as printing. Generally printing is performed on the textile goods in dry condition. Some common printing methods are all over printing, screen printing, transfer printing, photographic printing etc.

Types of Printing Machines:

A. All Over Printing Machine List:

The below machines have used in all over printing section of knit composite factory:
  • Rotary printing machine,
  • Flat-bed printing machine,
  • Loop steamer,
  • Washing machine,
  • Stenter machine,
  • Compactor machine,
  • Screen washing dry machine,
  • Flat screen dryer machine,
  • Flat screen coating machine,
  • Screen engraver,
  • Screen banding,
  • Rotary sample paint machine.

B. Screen Printing Machine List:

The below machines have used in screen printing section of knit composite factory:
  • Grunig,
  • Light Expose,
  • Flash cure,
  • Easy,
  • Manual,
  • V-2002 EX,
  • Curing oven machine,
  • Hit Press machine.

Embroidery Section:

Embroidery is a craftwork of decorating fabric or other materials by using needle and thread or yarn. It can also assimilate other materials including beads, pearls and sequins etc. Embroidery is most commonly used on dress shirts, denim, caps, stockings etc. There are different types of embroidery used in garments like white work embroidery, candlewick embroidery, cross stitch embroidery, pulled thread embroidery, hedebo embroidery etc.

Types of Embroidery Machine:

It includes-
  • Wuhan Golden,
  • Wuhan Golden,
  • Yueming,
  • Sun Star,
  • Laser Cutter,
  • Hashima,
  • Dichi.

Knit Garments Manufacturing Section:

As like woven garments manufacturing section, here also cutting section, sewing section, and finishing section. In the below I have presented all the machinery names which are used in fabric cutting and sewing department of apparel manufacturing factory.

Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machine:

It includes-
  • Straight knife cutting machine,
  • Band knife cutting machine,
  • Drill cutting machine,
  • Computer controlled knife cutting machine,
  • Laser cutting machine,
  • Water jet cutting machine,
  • Air jet cutting machine,
  • Plasma torch cutting machine,
  • Round knife cutting machine,
  • Die cutting machine,
  • Notcher cutting machine,
  • Rib cutting machine,
  • Ultrasonic cutting machine.

Types of Sewing Machine:

It includes-
  • Single needle lock stitch machine,
  • Three thread over lock machine,
  • Four thread over lock machine,
  • Six thread over lock machine,
  • Flat Lock cylinder bed machine,
  • Flat lock small head machine,
  • Flat lock fabric trimmer machine,
  • Flat lock tape binding machine,
  • Flat lock narrow head machine,
  • Flat lock top feeder machine,
  • Two needle vertical machine,
  • Two needle lock stitch machine,
  • Flat-bed machine,
  • Latch attaching machine,
  • Back tape attaching machine,
  • Single needle chain stitch machine,
  • Button attaching machine,
  • Picoting and fagoting machine,
  • Buttonhole machine,
  • Single needle zigzag machine,
  • Snap button machine,
  • Rib cutter machine,
  • 4 Needle flat seamer machine,
  • 2 Needle fit of the arms machine,
  • 3 Needle fit of the arms machine,
  • Bartack machine,
  • Shirring & smoking machine,
  • Elastic attaching machine.

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