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Woven Fabric Manufacturing Machine List:

There are various types of fabric produced in textile industry including woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric. In this article, we have listed all those machines which are used in woven fabric manufacturing. We all know that, before weaving any fabric, there are some preparation processes including winding, warping, sizing, drafting, denting and finally weaving. The machines which are normally used in these processes are listed here according to the process section. 

Fabric Manufacturing Machine List
Fig: Fabric Manufacturing Machine List
Types of Winding Machine in Textile:

Winding is the process of transferring yarns from ring, bobbin, hank etc. into a suitable package. There are different types of machines used in winding process of fabric manufacturing which are listed in the below separately:

A. According to Package:
It includes-

  • Flanged bobbin winding machine,
  • Cone winding machine,
  • Cheese winding machine,
  • Pirn winding machine,
  • Cop winding machine.

B. According to Winding:
It includes-

  • Precision winding machine,
  • Non precision winding machine.

C. According to Drive:
It includes-

  • Direct drive winding machine,
  • Indirect drive winding machine.

D. According to Types of Yarn Used:
For weft yarn, it includes-

  • Upright spindle winding machine,
  • Drum/ cylinder winding machine.

For weft yarn, it includes-

  • Ordinary pirn and automatic pirn winding machine,
  • Cop winding machine.

Types of Warping Machine in Textile:

In textile weaving industry, warping process means the parallel winding of warp ends from many winding packages like cone or cheese on to a common package (warp beam). The machine which are used in warping process are-

  • Sectional warping machine,
  • High speed warping machine.

Types of Sizing Machine in Textile:

Sizing is the process of applying a protective adhesive coating upon the yarns surface. There are some key advantages due to sizing the yarn like it increases elasticity of yarn, yarn strength, weight of the yarn, smoothness and frictional resistance. The machine which are used in sizing process are-

  • Slasher sizing machine,
  • Ball warp sizing machine,
  • Hank sizing machine.

Weaving Machine Types in Textile:

Loom is the contact point of the whole process of fabric production. Ginning, opening, carding, spinning, winding, warping, sizing and beaming are done before the weaving process. The machines which are used in weaving loom process to make woven fabric are listed in the below:

Hand Loom Machine List:

Hand loom is classified into five categories. It includes-

  • Vertical or primitive loom machine,
  • Pit loom machine,
  • Frame loom machine,
  • Hattersley loom machine,
  • Chattaranjan loom machine.

Power Loom Machine List:

Power loom has three categories, It includes -

  • Ordinary power loom machine,
  • Modern loom or shuttle less loom machine,
  • Automatic power loom machine.

Modern Loom or Shuttle Less Loom Machine List:

Modern loom or shuttle less loom has classified into four categories, such as-

  • Rapier loom machine,
  • Multiphase loom machine,
  • Projectile loom machine,
  • Jet loom machine.

Rapier Loom Machine List:

It has two categories including-

  • Single rapier loom machine,
  • Double rapier loom machine.

Multiphase Loom Machine List:

It has also two categories including -

  • Plain loom machine,
  • Circular loom machine.

Jet Loom Machine List:

Jet loom is classified into two types. These are-

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